Instruction Manual

ICCID : 89014104270225987873
Make sure to update the ios to latest –  ios 13.2.x

1. Insert your sim card with unlock chip
    Make sure you have wifi connected and Latest version of the ios installed  ios 13.2.x
2. Wait for activation and continue to reach home screen, wait for a popup menu then select – Some models you will not get any popup but the new ICCID is already programmed to the chip  (Very important part below )
    a. For ATT / H2O/ Net10 Sim cards Press “ICCID unlock onlyATTsim”
    b. For All other SIM cards(Tmobile, Cricket, Metro, etc ) / International SIM cards             
        Press “Universal activation”

3. Make sure you have the latest ICCID –   89014104270225987873
Press “Send” and then ‘Accept’
4. Done: Your iphone is unlocked for ATT/H2O/Net10 SIM cards
For all other SIM cards , continue below steps 
5. Go to Settings -> Mobile Data Or Cellular -> Network Selection -> Disable “Automatic” and select your carrier fro the list  (Tmobile or ATT or Metro or Cricket as per your carrier)
(You may need to wait few minutes to detect your carrier)                               

6. Go to Settings -> Mobile Data Or Cellular -> SIM application -> Reload TMSI      
7. Wait, Press accept few popups and allow phone to go to activation screen again  
8. Activate the phone with wifi , wait for signal – UNLOCKED 
9. Done and Unlocked.